January 30, 2008

deyrolle - animaux naturalises


Although I am far from COOKIE magazine's target demographic, I am a huge fan of this magazine. Great design, great photography, and great illustrators. I particularly enjoyed this month's article on Paris with the beautiful photo of one of my favorite places - the taxidermy shop - Deyrolle. I picked up 2 mini journals when I was there, but have yet to bring myself to use them. 

January 21, 2008

mortal toys

saw a really cool and inventive show this weekend at the here arts center called - frakenstein (mortal toys). the ny times accurately described it as 'frankenstein as it might have been conceived by joseph cornell'

manon gignoux

there is a WONDERFUL article on the french artist manon gignoux in the february issue of world of interiors - incredible pictures of her costumes, upholstered dolls and her studio. it was a bit of a surprise to realize I had come across her before...in a jeu de paume book - petits appartements a paris. her website is also lovely.

January 14, 2008


set of six trophies sent to lynette at bleu-lulu.com

January 6, 2008

seurat's drawings

i finally saw the amazing exhibit at the Moma of Seurat's conte drawings. sadly the show closes tomorrow as it deserves many repeat visits. it is so delightful to be surprised by an artist you thought you knew and find that there is so much more to them than you ever imagined. Moma has a great online exhibition of his work that will hopefully be continued long after the show closes. the interactive sketchbooks are the best part.

January 3, 2008

maira kalman

maira kalman's Principles of Uncertainty came today and it is such a charming book - it has taken me awhile to appreciate maira kalman, but after listening to a Studio 360 walking tour/interview with her, i thought it was time to get to know her work better. and what could be more wonderful than her paintings of marie antionette's best friend and a box of Laduree chocolates???