March 17, 2008

book-by-its-cover: sketchbook series

I met the amazingly talented and prolific illustrator Julia Rothman last year - although I've known of her through her digital illustrations in CITY magazine for years. I especially love her hand-drawn illustrations. She recently created a line of letterpress cards for Hello Lucky and I so need to purchase a set of the chandelier cards.

She also must have the best book collection in the world and shares her passion for books on her book review site, I've found so many inspiring books and artists through her site, and am very excited to announce that today Julia has featured my sketchbooks in her weekly sketchbook series.


Christine said...

I found your blog via Book by its cover - I really like your illustrations and inspirational photos. You have a very cool style - I'm glad I found you

liza said...

Thanks so much Christine for your lovely comments and the introduction to your wonderful site: