April 26, 2008

inspiration: flaunt, louise bourgeois + mcqueen

I love the photo spread in FLAUNT of a young Louise Bourgeois and several of her installations, including one of my favorites Spider. It's made of steel, tapestry, wood, glass, fabric, rubber, silver, gold and bone! And that amazing bird dress by Alexander McQueen — wouldn't it make a fantastic wedding dress?

girls + roses buttons

my first set of buttons for sale in my etsy shop!

April 25, 2008

violet with her peanut butter baby kong

HOW June 2008

I have 2 illustrations in the current issue of HOW magazine...and I'm on the contributor's page! Very exciting!

April 18, 2008

new drawings

kiki smith: a gathering, 1980-2005

images from THICKET

white mice with ruby eyes, 1998 + fairy rings, 1998

I'm so happy to finally have this gorgeous book - every page is so inspiring...

tasty tees t-shirt party at gallery bar

cupcakes from PODUNK

cupcake graffiti

dinner at lovely day...

April 14, 2008

tasty t-shirt

A limited edition of t-shirts designed by me - now available at Tasty Tees.

323 East

Pictures from 323 East, a new gallery in Royal Oaks, Michigan. They are selling some of my work as you can see in these photos from the opening night.

April 13, 2008

button machine

I finally splurged on a button making machine and am hard at work making fabric covered buttons for my shop on ETSY. It is incredibly addictive.

April 7, 2008


Sorting through a collection of my grandparents' photos - my mom came across this amazing photo of Amelia Earhart. She thinks it was taken at the airstrip in Pennsylvania where my grandmother flew (she was a pilot at 14, soloed at 16 and had a private license at 18)! She and Amelia were both brave and fantastically stylish -

small commissioned drawing

ink + watercolor, 5"x 5"

April 6, 2008