June 29, 2008

inspiration: mildred's lane

There is an amazing article on J. Morgan Puett in a May issue of the NYTimes Sunday Magazine that I finally took the time to read. I had been captivated by the photos, but the story of how she is designing her life and creating an artist colony, Mildred's Lane, in northeastern Pennsylvania is really fascinating. I had been intrigued by the photo of her refrigerator (above) but the actual description of the concept behind it is wonderful — according to the article, "Ms. Puett’s vision reaches even into the refrigerator, which she has transformed into a strange, constantly shifting vignette of fresh food, old textiles and unusual scientific vials. “I buy beautiful and grotesque foods and try to put them in a new context,” she said. A broccoli floret sits on an antique candlestick, a pomegranate and brown eggs in a glass vase, carrots in ceramic pots. All liquids are decanted into glass measuring vessels." 

watercolor notes

June 22, 2008

bird jars

i was procrastinating on saturday and created these arrangements with vintage pyrex jars, dried flowers and floral birds...

outside one girl cookies in brooklyn

June 13, 2008

the jolly roger

I can't wait to put this flag up in my new studio. I picked it up yesterday from another favorite east village shop, John Derian. I barely restrained myself from also purchasing one of the beautiful Cire Trudon candles that John Derian also sells.

It would be hard to decide on just one candle...but ODEUR DE LUNE and TRIANON sound especially nice.

trophy + lauri faggioni

I stuck an early version of the trophy in a glass jar on my desk and it reminded me of some of the creations of one of my favorite artists Lauri Faggioni (including the above jellyfish in a jar). Visiting her store in the east village was a one-of-a-kind experience.

v & a lounging on the stairs

They've found the best spot to catch the morning sun, and of course Violet gets to have the step with the best sun.


camille rose garcia

such a gorgeous ad for camille rose garcia's show in berlin, which ends...tomorrow.

culture + travel

Thanks so much to E. for giving me this lovely magazine with the fantastic collages by Balint Zsako that illustrate an article on Puccini's operas. I am so happy to have discovered Culture + Travel magazine as well as the artwork of Zasko (his journal pages are absolutely amazing!)

June 11, 2008


June 10, 2008


from a series of loose ink drawings with coloring in photoshop...

June 9, 2008

watercolor studies

June 8, 2008

beautiful little packages

I couldn't decide on just one or two Harney teas - so I bought the sampler pack.