June 29, 2008

inspiration: mildred's lane

There is an amazing article on J. Morgan Puett in a May issue of the NYTimes Sunday Magazine that I finally took the time to read. I had been captivated by the photos, but the story of how she is designing her life and creating an artist colony, Mildred's Lane, in northeastern Pennsylvania is really fascinating. I had been intrigued by the photo of her refrigerator (above) but the actual description of the concept behind it is wonderful — according to the article, "Ms. Puett’s vision reaches even into the refrigerator, which she has transformed into a strange, constantly shifting vignette of fresh food, old textiles and unusual scientific vials. “I buy beautiful and grotesque foods and try to put them in a new context,” she said. A broccoli floret sits on an antique candlestick, a pomegranate and brown eggs in a glass vase, carrots in ceramic pots. All liquids are decanted into glass measuring vessels." 

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