August 28, 2008

August 27, 2008

souvenirs from san francisco

Such lovely gifts from the lovely Esther's recent trip to San Francisco! My bag of goodies included a reproduction of an 1830 paper doll set - "Coiffures au Choix." (so many hairstyles and so much inspiration!) AND a skull bead and notecard set from the awesome pirate supply store that is part of Dave Eggers' SF Writing Program for kids - 826 Valencia. She is much too good to me!


August 25, 2008


roses from our newly planted rose garden

art for enormous tiny works show at nahcotta


the weeping pond


the aviary

the white woods



ladies of the bedchamber

the archduchess

packaging art for nahcotta

August 21, 2008

'head of death'

Such a beautiful + morbid vintage postcard that Jonathan bought on ebay - he has such a good eye for sweet melancholy.

August 18, 2008


August 15, 2008

gothic fashion

kid robot, kathie olivas and the scavengers toys

I took a trip to the Soho Kid Robot for some toy inspiration and couldn't walk out without purchasing one of Kathie Olivas blind box toy series. I was so happy to discover "Dexter" in my box. The packaging of these toys and also the bag from Kid Robot are both really well designed. Lots of inspiration and a great introduction to the work of Kathie Olivas and her awesome series of work "Misery Children." 

mankind magazine part 2

I received my copy of Mankind Magazine: The Hair Issue this week and I LOVE IT!!! And, yes, Alexis, you will love it too!

great type

artisanal ice cream

We finally tracked down the pretty yellow Van Leeuwen ice cream truck in Soho for a cup of fresh strawberry ice cream. And it was so worth the wait!