January 16, 2009

at the whitney museum -

William Eggleston: Democratic Camera

Alexander Calder: The Paris Years, 1926—1933

(these are the trunks that Calder used to transport his circus -  I love the giant numbers and plastered Paris labels)

I'm so happy that I finally made it up to the Whitney today - for a short, but very, very sweet visit. Both shows were so transporting + magical - I highly recommend! 

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sMacThoughts said...

I haven't gone in too long. A couple of years, two, yes (to be exact.) It's so hard to find the time to go to the museums, (shame on me!) and every time I go to the Whitney, it is a day gone. I literally do not reemerge for at least 5 hours. SO much to be inspired by. I so love that museum.