February 5, 2009

poe stamps

found these at the post office yesterday - so cool!


victoria thorne said...

geesh, saw these the other day, too...and just couldn't stop looking at them once i brought them home

they are, truly, so cool...

also: love the mister's blog...had happened upon it long (ish) ago, didn't realize you were pair! love it!

such great taste x 2. wow.

liza said...

yes - they are so beautiful - especially his name in the gold lettering!

that's so sweet!
thank you for checking out rooms - we both appreciate it!!


Carl V. said...

I've definitely got to pick up some of these. I didn't realize they were reissuing Poe stamps. Years ago I bought several unbroken sheets of Poe stamps back when they were something like 3 cents! Love em. I put a few in a frame and I use them every so often to decorate things with.