April 29, 2009

nytimes: photo of the moment

photographer: Eric Ray Davidson

photographer: Stefano Trovati

photographer: Jacques Habbah

photographer: Jacques Habbah

photographer: Jacques Habbah

photographer: Jacques Habbah

photographer: Jacques Habbah

photographer: Eric Ray Davidson

great backstage, runway and candid photos on the nytimes t: the moment

monday in new york


marie belle's spring window

bits of detritus from the closed 'shabby chic' store in soho

anthropologie's damaged goods - trash pile

some slightly ominous burnt remains in the street

April 18, 2009

grey gardens

from the nytimes

April 17, 2009

paper flowers

All the windows along 34th street of the Macy's store in Herald Square are filled with these beautiful and intricate paper flower chains. The store itself is filled with live flowers for its annual flower show, but these artificial versions are equally as lovely. I can't help thinking how much fun it would be to have the job of constructing them!

April 12, 2009

"in the dear dead days gone by without recall..."

I'm completely hooked by this lavish and detailed production of Dicken's LITTLE DORRIT on masterpiece theater - I've sadly never read the book, but the care that has gone in to what will be a five episode series, strikes me as what must be one of the most faithful film adaptations of one of Dicken's works - it's thick with murderous frenchmen, secret last will and testaments wrapped with red ribbons, lost fortunes, heartbroken suitors, the dreaded 'circumlocution office' and my favorite the tedious old sweetheart, Flora. I almost can't wait for this beautiful Sunday to hurry up and be over so that I can watch the third installment tonight!

birds of belize

great slideshow of some of the many fantastic birds found in rainforests in belize - along with the actual sounds of each bird - on nytimes.com

happy easter!

i love this creepy zombie easter bunny!!

April 1, 2009

the april issue of world of interiors

wonderful article on the horticulturist Valerie Finnis and her cluttered Nottinghamshire dower house - according to the article "nothing had ever been thrown away; each room was a repository of detritus of what had once been commonplace: for instance, piles of black-rimmed mourning letters and workboxes filled with horn buttons."

i love the servant bells in this picture...

and the invitations to gardening events wedged behind the antlers!

Creatures from the Naples Zoological Museum outshine the furniture from the Milan Furniture Fair.