February 26, 2009

elizabeth large and small

teeth + vintage parisian paper buttons

all buttons are iron-on transfers on muslin

February 19, 2009

louis, marie-louise and melancholy girls + roses

some new items in my etsy shop -

another beautiful book about deyrolle

One of my beautiful valentine's gifts was this catalog for the charity exhibition held to support the rebuilding of Deyrolle. It includes some more tragically lovely pictures of burned animals and photos of the artworks that were created for the show by such artists as Nan Goldin and Sophie Calle.

yellow newspaper, twine and snow

When a couple of weeks ago, it seemed like the snow was never going to melt, I kept passing this stack of newspapers left out for recycling. I finally came back with my camera - I love the vibrancy of the bleeding colors and the way the twine wraps the bloated paper bodies.

February 14, 2009

gothic: dark glamour at FIT

check out the online exhibit with the appropriately spoooooky music if you can't make it to the show-

happy valentines day!

February 5, 2009

poe stamps

found these at the post office yesterday - so cool!

February 3, 2009

new shop!

a new big cartel shop to sell original drawings + paintings

February 2, 2009

smith & mills

pretty little bar down in tribeca. so much good stuff - u.s. navy dinnerware, bathroom decorated with old elevator parts, delish food and drinks - all stuffed in former carriage house -

Margot's Heartache





New paintings for 10x10 show at Suite 100 gallery in Seattle - opens Friday the 13th!