June 30, 2010


Arktoi I

Marie Bleu

Louise III

St. Bride - Original

Courtesan - Original

The Swan Maidens II - Original

Deadblooms Bouquet - Original

St. Bride II - Bag and Button Set

St. Bride II - Bag and Button Set

I've put lots of new items in my etsy shop, including this t-shirt, Deadhead, and tote bag, which were part of 323 East gallery's artist series. Check out my shop to see all the new additions!

ken burns + the civil war

while finishing up some work, i watched ken burn's civil war documentary for the first time - and i learned so much! although i still can't keep all the battles straight, it was astounding to see a small portion of the extensive photographic record that has survived. it was somewhat unnerving then to see the echoes of the photos of battlefield carnage in otto dix's b/w battle etchings from WWI.

i wish i had been quicker to take more screen captures of the documentary - but i've posted the few eerie images i did manage to grab. those nurse's hats are so wonderfully menacing!

otto dix

Dedicated to Sadists

Visit to Madame Germaine's in Méricourt...

Front-Line Soldier in Brussels


Skull from the War

Vanitas (Youth and Old Age)

Venus with Gloves

some of my favorites from the amazing otto dix show at the neue galerie

June 24, 2010

Epona and Apnea

ink and watercolor on paper

June 4, 2010

kristin vestgard


June 2, 2010


ink + watercolor drawing, 11x14

ARTEMIS is for "a mute of hounds" at gallery meltdown in los angeles -
(a portion of the proceeds from this show will go to downtown dog rescue in la!)